Meisei Tools LLC is the maker of HOTWEEZERS® and the HOTNIFE™, the most advanced and efficient professional thermal wire stripping system on the market today.


Meisei’s HOTWEEZERS® is a unique, lightweight hand instrument that is shaped like a pair of tweezers with an angled head. Depending on the model, the stripping blade of the HOTWEEZERS® has six different gauge holes ranging from AWG 36 to 18 to match the diameter of the wire or cable’s core metal conductor (or no holes, if a larger/different gauge is needed). HOTWEEZERS® rapidly achieve user-selected temperatures (up to 1,500° F) allowing the user to melt through wire casings and insulation without damaging the underlying conductor.


The Meisei HOTNIFE™ is a lightweight single-blade hand instrument that is shaped like a scalpel with both a convex and a concave edge. The HOTNIFE™ has the same thermal properties as the HOTWEEZERS® and can be used on larger wires, cables and bundles as well as for etching, depotting, deflashing and many other tasks. With its small size and narrow profile it is highly maneuverable and can be used easily under a microscope for highly detailed work.

The Meisei Power Supply

Both the Meisei HOTWEEZERS® and HOTNIFE™ are powered by Meisei Power Supplies. The Power Supplies have a solid, compact design to minimize space on the workbench with adequate heft to remain stationary during use. The Power Supplies are custom designed and built inhouse by Meisei to ensure the precise specifications are maintained to optimize the performance of Meisei HOTWEEZERS® and HOTNIFE™ hand units.