Dear Meisei HOTWEEZERS® Customers

We have become aware of a growing number of products (both counterfeit and lookalike products) found primarily outside of the U.S. that attempt to copy Meisei’s HOTWEEZERS® and HOTNIFE™ thermal wire stripping systems.

In many cases these fake copies either do not work at all or quickly fail, and in no case do they achieve the temperatures and precision of genuine Meisei tools.

For your safety and protection, and to avoid potential damage to your work product, we strongly recommend not using counterfeit or copycat products.

The best protection from counterfeit products is to purchase HOTWEEZERS® from an authorized Meisei Tools distributor. A list of authorized international distributors and resellers can be found here. You can also contact Meisei directly at for more information or to place orders within the United States.

We appreciate your business and want to ensure you continue to enjoy the high level of quality, durability, and precision you’ve come to expect from genuine Meisei Tools.

Meisei Tools LLC