About Meisei Tools

Meisei has been making the world’s finest thermal wire stripping tools (including the Meisei HOTWEEZERS®) for over 45 years.

Originally developed by Meisei Corporation in 1974, HOTWEEZERS® were designed to provide a lightweight, ergonomic tool that was durable, easy to use and provided unparalleled performance in wire and cable stripping.

Users immediate recognized HOTWEEZERS®’s superior quality and engineering. The tool quickly became the standard by which all other thermal wire stripping solutions were measured.

In 2018 Meisei Corporation transitioned its operations to Meisei Tools LLC in a friendly acquisition. While the company’s name has changed, Meisei’s HOTWEEZERS® and HOTNIFE™ are still made by the same dedicated craftsmen who have been manufacturing and perfecting the highest quality wire stripping tools for over forty years.

Each unit is hand-crafted, tested and shipped from Meisei’s factory warehouse, located in Thousand Oaks, California just north of Los Angeles.